About us
Mission and Vision

Our vision is to make high quality medicines that are affordable for all.

We are on a mission to streamline the pharmaceutical discovery and development process through innovation and automation.

Our Services

From a chemical molecule to a finished dosage to bring a life saving drug to the patient.

Time and money is lost in finding the best reaction conditions to optimize an API.

The traceability of the whole process gets lost when one tries to work with various vendors and service providers with varying quality and delivery efficiency standards.

Cosmic’s vision is to automate the entire discovery and development process of the drug to streamline and increase quality standards of your product or drug.

Phi technology

  • Any chemical or API
  • Submit proposal
  • ML algorithm Predictions
  • Output ready for lab testing

Medicinal Chemistry

  • Lowest FTE and FFS rates in the market
  • Complex chemistry capabilities
  • Equity Partnership for select startups


  • Reduce API price per kg/ton through process innovation
  • Novel routes
  • Chiral APIs
  • Peptide APIs
  • Co-Crystal APIs

Impurity Profiling

  • Largest catalog of impurities
  • Quick profiling at cheapest rates

API Manufacturing

  • Scaleups to ton supply
  • Ability to handle any drug class
  • Flow Chemistry

Contract Development

  • From API to Finished dosage
  • API R&D and manufacturing
  • API to Formulation
Phi Technology

Cosmic is world’s first company to use machine learning to automate chemical reaction predictions for medicinal and Api chemistry. To learn more about the PhiTechnology please email info@cosmic-discoveries.com

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“Comic has launched Phi technology and have shown successfully how the tech can reduce the cost per kg of majority of the high volume APIs at Lab Scale. We are looking forward to executing on many of those projects. “
Director, Business Development-Generics, Merck Kga
“Cosmic has helped us develop more than 30 API technologies over the last 8 years and we are very pleased with the efficiency of turnaround and quality of innovation”
API R&D Head, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory
“We have been working with Cosmic on Impurity profiling, and i am personally very impressed with the way they have handled some of the toughest impurities, good team and great execution”