From a chemical molecule to a finished dosage, its a long journey of innovation, for the industry to bring a life saving drug to the patient.

What many fail to understand is how the traceability of the whole process gets lost when one tries to work withvarious vendors and service providers with varying quality and delivery efficiency standards.

At Cosmic along with technological innovation we offer the entire pharmaceutical suite of services under one roof, trackable through an online project status tracking system.

Phi technology

Any chemical or API

Submit proposal

ML algorithm Predictions

Output ready for lab testing

Medicinal Chemistry

Lowest FTE and FFS rates in the market

Complex chemistry capabilities

Equity Partnership for select startups


Reduce API price per kg/ton through process innovation

Novel routes

Chiral APIs

Peptide APIs

Co-Crystal APIs

Impurity Profiling

Largest catalog of impurities

Quick profiling at cheapest rates

API Manufacturing

Scaleups to ton supply

Ability to handle any drug class

Flow Chemistry

Contract Development

From API to Finished dosage

API R&D and manufacturing

API to Formulation